This is the No.7 Engine built by R. Garrett and Sons of Lieston In Suffolk. The engine is of single cylinder double acting design, it has "Stephenson's Link" valve gear. She    has two road speeds, works at a boiler pressure of 125psi the half size boiler is 15 inches in diameter. The plate work for the boiler is well over half scale with barrel outer  wrapper and fire box inner wrapper all 1/2 inch plate. With the fire box front and rear plates and the tube plate being 5/8.The drawings have been scaled up from the late Bill  Nowcombe's superb CAD drawings of the very popular 4" version. She has been pushed around by our old work horse, the 4" Garrett "Jack" and has been well received by most people. She was begun in 2001 and despite an eighteen month lay of to build the work shop we have worked on her continuously. Completion due in approx 2 years

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Boiler back head note stay holes top of pic

Trying it for size

from the front, the pump up truck is not part of the engine

Firebox viewed from above

Trying to keep it all square can be devil

Outer wrapper and fire box

View into fire box from fire hole door, note water gauge bottom tapping points, top corners of door hole

Macining weld preps the easy way

weld preps

Just a little pollish with the linisher and the boiler inspector will never know

Boiler work? HU. we do it before breakfast

Lots to come off, bin men are angels

Fire hole ring


More grinding

One of many trial assemblies of Fire box and outter wrapper

Water space. Throat plate and fire box. Note foundation ring flame cut from plate this is a great help in setting the fire box square, and everything

Back head

More stays than my grannies foundations

Longditudinal stays

Man hole door

I wonder if Cinncinnatti had this sort of work in mind

Drilling the hole for the fusible plug

Finished except for the tubes. Note fire box crown through door. This was a very satisfying point to reach.

Sexy bum. Note skimmed stays for horn plate location

Note plated cap screws through horn plates, these will have dummy snap heads knocked on when finnished.

Trying the crank shaft prior to aligning horn plates LH plate fixed RH plate movable. Note taper on crank. Not a Gerrett feature but much more stable

Trial crank shaft fitting

Looks like it's been in the river

Another mock up, good for moral

Spectacle plates tried in place, not yet flanged

Shafts and things note the jacking allthread to move the horn plates.

What a nighmare to align up

Drilling and tapping horn fixings

Spactacle plates flanged pressure gauge and pole mocked up for the fun of it. Cannon shaft fitted, no bushes yet. Cylinder fitted but not fixed Cross

Behind the pole

Cylinder on temporary

Having a minute. This is fun, honest. The gas axe was never used....... but it came mighty close!

Boiler tubes

Another mock up for morale

Don't build it any bigger than a Rascal van. It's in steam here, now try to get it out

Front wheel and tyre(steel)

Who forgot to machine the centre section of the hub to clear the stub axle

Boring perch braket to take bronze bush

Drilling for the smoxe box

Does that look about right?

Long suffering Colechester and long suffering Jack

I've got my wheels now where's the party

First time on my own wheels

Ready to go home

I've just roaded it back. With the help of the van, note bent push pole.

View from the work shop. we then whent for a look at the strake marks on the road

Checking it for taper. it was OK!

Crank shaft assembly with eccentric sheaves

Machining clack valve

Three quarter view from the front

Boring out the brake drum

It's not as dangerous as it looks but book a place in casualty just in case.

Compensating gear centre nearly finished

Running in differential to it's centre. The cutting tool is holding the centre steady.

The large hole at the top is for the bevel gear planet, these are carried in cylindrical sleeves and are allowed to float to find their own happy work

Must get the knack of these six inch engines The push pole did end up in the correct place

Just about to strip it for painting

Cyl bolts are carrot topped getting them in was a devil

Spottin through gear change casting for hole in spectacle

Keyway cutting for flywheel note crank is tipped up to match taper

Heart stopping moment, heating up the second gear

Spraying the boiler and horn plates

Most of the clamp set was used

More setting up

One of many set ups to machine the flywheel

Trying engine on newly extended tailer


View from the rear. Not much room on the width

Setting out living van sides

Front end note window

Up on the roof fixing match boarding top



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